Our Services

Commercial Operations

From the beginning, the initiative has been very successful and the fleet now operated by F.G.M. Chartering Limited. (21) vessels sized from 25,000 DWT to 60,000 DWT (including 3 NB) with average of age 10 years old tonnages.


The company frequently screening various employment opportunities that often proposed off market via close Charterers/Charterers Brokers for the exclusive respective tonnages as well for close shipowners tonnages (acting as brokers selective tonnages). FGM Chartering responsible for establishing and maintaining relationships with reputable chartering brokers, various Charterers and shipowners.

Ship Operator

Our company is benefited from chartered vessels by way of keeping a good reputation in the Dry Shipping Market. We have shipped 18,211,975.30 tons since 2014 to 31st Dec 2023, world wide using our managed fleet, exclusive tonnages and other vessels chartered from the market.