Career & Job Opportunities 

We focuses on quality ships and shipping services for Charterers and Shipowners.

We value excellence, creativity and community! FGM Chartering are looking to expand the Technical Departments, therefore job opportunities are open for those people whom have the right experience. If any interest we would like to receive your CV to our recruitment department via the email at:

The Company have an open position in Legal and Insurance Department.

The Legal and Insurance department is handling claims, collecting, and submitting documents for all types of claims (but mainly cargo, FD&D, H&M, medical and others) and negotiating insurance covers as well as dealing with any corporate matters.



The Insurance department obtains quotations from approved insurance providers at the best terms available, reviews and evaluates each option and submit their proposal to the Management for approval and thereafter bind the cover.

In addition, the department is handling all types of claims that might arise, liaise with relevant parties accordingly and resolve in the best interests for the Shipowners. The department is collecting/handling all expenses relating to any insurance casualty, submits claims to respective P&I Clubs or underwriters through the insurance underwriters/brokers and makes sure that funds are reimbursed within a reasonable period.

The Legal department is responsible for examining/negotiating any type contracts for the company, handling all communication with lawyers, notaries etc. and ensures that all corporate matters are updated and followed up properly.

The Legal department will also examine agreements and vessel’s sale and purchase documentation, negotiate when necessary and follow up on the execution.

further details of the job will be provided once your application is selected by the company.


Skills and Qualifications:

– Associate’s Degree in Marine/Shipping Law ; at less three years Work Experience; Knowledge of Danaos software program; Data Entry; Excellent Skills With Microsoft Office; Competent IT Skills; Strong Bookkeeping Skills; Strong Written and Oral Communication Skills; Detail Oriented; Organised; Timely;

– Strong Written and Oral Communication Skills in English Language;


If you have experiences of any of the above area/departments that may fit your current career interest, we would like to receive your CV to our recruitment department via the email at:

We are open with career opportunities in our Operations & Postfixing Department with an interesting and challenging position for either assistant or an experience person, can work in friendly global teamwork environment.


The main important key factors are:


1) The person must be educated in shipping studies to degree level and Fluent in English with experience not less than 3 Years and more;

2) Its important that the person should be organised, careful, pays attention to detail, able to work in a high-pressured environment, dealing with a range of high priority issues and Understanding of basic shipping terms and must be able to follow any urgent issues after office hours.

3) Having the Knowledge in using DANAOS system


The Operations & Postfixing Department are responsible for:

  • Must have the knowledge of the charter party form including laycan/laydays, ship’s itinerary, last cargoes, load and discharge range, freight and demurrage rate, declarations, terms; and the Bills of Lading.
  • Managing communications between the charterer, owner, ship agent and master of the owned/chartered vessels.
  • Ensuring communications between vessel masters and agent are established and all necessary pre arrival of calling ports and canal are submitted.
  • Ensuring having full knowledge understanding in doing and dealing with the Demurrage and Laytime Calculation.
  • Ensuring efficient flow of information between all parties, including the passing on of the voyage orders masters and make sure that masters understanding the voyage details etc.
  • Overseeing that the vessel arrives on time at loadport/dischg port, providing ETAs and movement reports and that vessel arrives in the right condition.
  • Ensuring the vessel loads as agreed (quantity, stowage, bill of lading)
  • Ensuring a valid Letter of Indemnity in the upset of the original endorsed Bs/L and its in place and that vessel arrives at disport and discharges cargo as instructed by the charterers.
  • Obtaining a confirmation from accounting department that freight is paid in order to allow releasing Bs/l or discharging the cargo.
  • Processing post voyage demurrage and claims and passing to principles
  • All the above procedures are part of the broking service, managed vessels and ensure the voyage is carried out with utmost efficiency and service to all parties, helping build stronger relationships between all involved parties.
  • The person need to be able to follow any urgent issue after office hours and over the weekend from their mobile.


Skills and Qualifications:


  • Data Entry; Proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite; Excellent Skills With Microsoft Office; Detail Oriented; Organised; Timely; Competent IT Skills;
  • Having the Knowledge in using DANAOS system;
  • Strong Written and Oral Communication Skills in English Language;
  • Associate’s Degree/diploma in Shipping

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